4x4 World Trophy

4x4 World Trophy 

4x4 World Trophy is the next level of racing.This game also known as Off-Road 3 is a game featuring off road racing of trucks.This game is available in PlayStation 2 , Windows , Game boy colour platforms.

The game features options like :-

Race against CPU players in a track and practise

Two Players
This option is available in the PlayStation version only.Race against another Human player.

World Tour
This mode enables the player to go to different parts of the world to race and win cups,money etc

The game allows the player to modify his vehicle by buying upgrades.The player can also buy or sell his vehicle.The game also contains surprises like shortcuts,breakables etc.In an ordinary race there are five(5) players.One(1) human player and four(4) CPU players.

You can download this game from :-
Download for Game boy Colour
Download for PC 
Download for PlayStation 2
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